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SEO is the most effective channel to drive high-quality traffic on the website. The chance of conversions with SEO traffic is quite high as compared to any other channel such as Google Ads marketing, Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing. It is important for not only large businesses but also small businesses. Are you also a business and looking for an SEO agency that can bring results for your business? You can speak to us. We have a professional experience of more than 6 years in SEO. We offer full-fledged SEO services to our customers. Starting from keyword research, and content production to fixing technical issues, and acquiring high-quality backlinks we help you in all areas of SEO. 

We offer full SEO services that include On-Page, Off-Page & Technical SEO. One thing you can be sure of is what we’ll offer is going to be advanced work and not some spam things like doing random keyword research, making irrelevant backlinks, or maybe generating crap with AI. We follow genuine practice and bring traffic that matters. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business or an existing one that is struggling to grow on SERP we have got you covered. Just connect to us and get a free SEO analysis report of your website.

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SEO Services for Your Business Growth

Here is the SEO Mantra for business success. Let us take your business growth to new heights with our SEO efforts:

Keyword Research

Content Mapping

content planning

SEO Optimized Content 

content optimization

Keyword Optimization

keyword optimization

Technical Optimization

technical issue optimization

UI / UX Optimization

ui ux optimization service

Meta Tags Optimization

meta tags optimization

Speed Optimization

speed optimization

Outreach Campaign

outreach campaign setup

Backlink Acquisition

backlink acquisition

Ranking Improvement

ranking improvement

Sales / Leads Increment

sales growth

Benefits of hiring us as your SEO Agency in Lucknow

The benefits of hiring us for your SEO campaign are endless. Here are some of the reasons why you should hand over your project to us:

  • An in-depth knowledge of SEO 
  • Proven track record of bringing websites to the first page of Google for the main keywords
  • Served hundreds of local, national & international clients
  • Use of Paid authentic tools for keyword findings
  • In-house SEO-optimized content production 
  • A convenient solution to technical issues such as 404 pages, deduping, redirection handling, website speed optimisation, canonical issues, doorway pages, Sitemaps, Robots.Txt & so on
  • We don’t make mindless backlinks. A proper outreach campaign for a targeted well-planned link building
  • Daily track of main keywords and instant notification for an improvement suggestion
  • Landing Page Optimization for better UI / UX and to increase conversions
  • Conversion Rate Optimization for maximum return on investment
  • All these lead to an increase in SERP(Search Engine Result Pages), organic searches, users and high conversions

We are an experienced SEO agency in Lucknow and we provide a sureshot roadmap to the first position of Google for your primary targeted keywords. From content optimization to web analysis everything we offer under one roof. Without wasting any time connect to the leading SEO company in Lucknow and discuss how can you rank on search engines.

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The journey starts with keywords and ends with conversions

Found the right keywords, optimized the content made the backlinks but still struggling to improve your website ranking on Google? You are not the first one. Gone are the days when SEO was just about keyword stuffing and acquiring as much as backlinks as you can. Modern SEO is completely different and demands a completely new approach. With the introduction of Entity SEO, Keyword Clustering, and E-E-A-T the SEO has changed a lot and you need to be more precisely optimized to stay ahead of the curve. From the speed of the website to the type of Schema you are implementing everything plays a decisive role in the ranking of a website. DigitalGroot has a team of professional SEO experts in Lucknow who are up to date with all these SEO changes and know exactly what needs to be done to secure the first position on Google. Call us today and get a free non-binding SEO quotation for your project.

Local SEO, National SEO & International SEO

Our services are not only bound to bring your website in those 10 blue links, we offer more than that. For a small business, local SEO plays a crucial role and it can bring fortune. Understanding the importance of it, we combine local SEO with our regular SEO service to provide a complete solution for your business visibility improvement. Whether you want to target customers locally, nationally level or internationally you can do it easily with us. Our SEOs are experts in optimizing your Google Business Profile and handling Hreflang tags in multi-language websites so it doesn’t matter what you look for we have got you covered.

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